Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Meet the Maker.........Wendy from "From My Hearth"

Name:  Wendy Bishop

Business Name:  From My Hearth

Rose soaps


Online storefronts/s: From My Hearth Madeit store

Facebook:  From My Hearth's Facebook page



1. So, tell us about yourself......

I am a Navy wife with four children, aged 29 to 13.  After two years away, we have happily returned to the Peninsula where we try to lead a more simplified and sustainable life.

2.  Why handmade?

I have always loved handmade treasures.  They are often so much better for us and the environment.....There are some amazing crafters out there, etching out a living and putting a lot of themselves into their products.  Who better to support than them.

3.  What influenced you to start your business?

I have always wanted to have a cottage industry and travelling around Australia, I had seen and been inspired by others.  It took a long time to make the decision to take the plunge, to finally register with NICNAS and start to sell what my family and friends had been happily using.

4. What type of products do you sell?

I sell a selection of handmade vegetable oil soaps with essential oils or fragrant oils, felted soap, herbal salves, baby balms, skin care lotions, hand knitted eco wash cloths and dish cloths.  This month I am increasing my range with some eco cleaners, baby massage oils and something to soothe the skin on expectant Mums tums.

Felted soaps

5.  What are your inspirations for making your products?

Our well-being inspires me, in a world full of harsh chemicals; I think it is nice to be able to use a product that is not only good for you and mild on the skin, but gentle on the environment.

6.  Where do you sell your products?

I sell on my Madeit store and I have just started selling on my own website Soaps from My Hearth

7.  How much time do you spend making your products each week?

I make several batches a week.  I am always thinking about soap and skincare, different oils, working scent blends of essential oils, turning soaps that are curing, labelling or felting.

8.  Do you have a dedicated craft area or studio in your home?

I have commandeered the garage, and have numerous soap drying racks, work benches for measuring oils etc, but when I am actually making the soap I move into the kitchen, where there is running water and the stove.  It is my dream to one day have a house where I can have it all in one place.

Wendy and her gorgeous handmade soaps

9.  Are you self taught or have you had a good teacher?

I am self-taught to a degree, however I am blessed to have had other soapers who have openly shared their experience and knowledge with me, via forums, e-groups, etc.  Making soap is one of those things that you never stop learning.


  1. Fantastic story and I can vouch personally for Wendy's beautiful soaps, they are gentle, long-lasting and divinely fragranced.


  2. My aunt bought me a gift pack of baby balm & soaps from From My Hearth for a baby shower and we've just bought some more.

    *Blushes* I had NO idea before then that it was a home based business. Everything is always presented so beautifully and you can actually feel it in your hands as it lathers that it's quality soap.

    Interesting read. But what this tired mother of three wants to on earth does a mother of FOUR find the time to run a business from home!?! You must really love what you do, Wendy.

    Is there something you do that makes it last so much longer than normal soap from the shop?? One bar seems to go on forever and trust me (3 kids...and not just any kids...three BOYS), we use a lot of soap!

  3. If all 4 of my children where young it would be a far bigger challenge, my two older ones have left the nest. As for the soap lasting long Elizabeth, it is all in the ingredients. Cocoa and shea butters make the soap harder. I also leave my soaps to cure 6 weeks and often longer before I sell them, so they are not only harder and last longer, but milder on the skin.

  4. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback on Wendy's story xx


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